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Visiting Giraffe Manor Kenya

Africa is such a dynamic and fascinating continent. It’s an incredible place to soak in history and learn about the past. One especially fascinating and visually stunning period here is the turn of the twentieth century.

If you want to turn back time to see Kenya the way it looked in the 1930s, you’ve got to check out The Safari Collection’s Giraffe Manor. Incredibly preserved and sitting on top of 140 acres of land, this place is like stepping into a dream.

The Safari Collection’s Giraffe Manor has just ten rooms, which can accommodate up to twenty-five guests. While it’s definitely a luxury spot, it doesn’t have the usual fitness center and swimming pool setup– it’s not a place to do business or even think about your life in the twenty-first century.

With that said, it does offer Wi-Fi, massage therapists, complimentary chauffeured vehicles, and full boarding, which includes an incredible choice of international cuisine and spirits. There are 10 rooms on property, and they each have their own stunning decor and unique personality.

While you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time, Giraffe Manor is actually just over thirty minutes from Nairobi’s International Airport in the Lang’ata suburb of Nairobi, and an airport transfer is included in your rate! It’s also just a quick ride to the center of town or the Nairobi National Park.


There are around twenty Rothschild giraffes that wander around the space between the Giraffe Manor and the Nairobi Giraffe Centre. These guys are incredibly friendly and are very, very used to interacting with people.

The giraffes will eat right from your hand, and they definitely expect you to feed them! They have so much personality that the staff actually knows each and every giraffe by sight and name and can even tell you about their personalities and ancestors.

In the morning, you’ll wake to giraffes impatiently waiting for you to come to your balcony and treat them to some snacks. We woke before the sun and were giddy with excitement to see two giraffe faces peeking through our balcony.

Just before sunset, high tea is served in the company of the giraffes. You can enjoy scones, cookies and cakes along with tea or a cold glass of wine as you feed the giraffes and watch as the fading Kenyan sun lights the sky on fire with pink and purple.

And, the pièce de résistance of my experience at Giraffe manor was getting to enjoy breakfast with the giraffes. Guests gather in the dining room to feed the giraffes their breakfast, then enjoy a delicious “human breakfast” to themselves.

The property is family friendly – which is great for kids and families! However, if you’re coming for a romantic, quiet getaway, be prepared to potentially have a lot of little ones running around.

At dinner, the guests were separated to families could eat together, while the adults traveling without kids ate in the formal dining room.


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